Meet Dr. G


Dr. G has been in practice as a chiropractor in the San Gabriel Valley since 1993.

Concurrent with her undergraduate studies, Dr. G worked in various health care fields where she noticed that the health care system was designed to primarily treat the sick but did little to teach people how to stay healthy. This inspired her to choose Chiropractic, a healing practice with a much more proactive approach to health, and to teach her patients the most effective and natural methods to pain relief, spinal corrections and general healthcare.


Dr. Irish Gonzales received her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1992. Dr. G is certified in Nimmo, a treatment modality that addresses muscle trigger points, which occur from neuro-muscular skeletal stress and imbalances.

Dr. G was a high school and college athlete, competing in basketball, softball and volleyball at the varsity level. Her competitive sports experience gives her real insight to sports injuries and their treatment and prevention.


Dr. G utilizes a unique fusion of chiropractic adjusting techniques. Programs often include stretching and strengthening exercises, as well as postural exercises.

Dr. G has adopted and mastered a cutting edge examination methodology, which includes a system of x-ray analysis to screen out potential health risks. She has been successfully treating acute and chronic neck & back pain, disc & nerve conditions and various other injuries related to work, sports, and automobile accidents since 1992.

Patients seeing Dr. G for care receive a wealth of knowledge so that they can make better, more informed decisions regarding their health for years to come.

What People Say

Dr. Irish Gonzales knows exactly how much pressure it takes to get me back on track and living an active lifestyle.

H. Cruz

I could not walk from the school parking lot to my classroom without having to sit down on a bench to wait for my back to quit seizing up in pain. Dr. G has treated my back and other related spinal problems which has allowed me to walk.

C. Fox

I suffered from regular headaches until I began seeing Dr. Gonzales. She is a caring, highly professional and dedicated doctor.

R. Koutsky

Total fitness is an ideal.
Let’s make it a reality.